Driving Tips In Malaysia

Different country may have different style of driving on their road. Here are some driving tips in Malaysia that can help you while you drive in Malaysia:   1. Choose right car for right purpose Small car does not mean less fuel consumption. Trying to carry 5 persons in a 1.0 cc. Perodua might consume […]

Tight on budget? Book now and pay later

Sometime travel can be really troublesome especially when it comes to budget. With proper planning you may get your best value for money trip; saving you from throwing the money unnecessarily. Unfortunately, most of the planning requires you to spend now when your planned trip will only be happening months down the road. Why should […]

WAHDAH Door to Door Delivery Service

Do you prefer your car to be delivered at the airport? A hotel? No matter – we will be glad to bring it wherever you wish with our D2D service. Save time at your journey’s beginning or end and make car rental process more convenient. We will deliver and collect your vehicle at any place of […]