Top 10 Must Try Durians in 2019

1. Durian D2 (Dato Nina) Mostly found at – Tapah, Perak, Melaka Famous known as Dato Nina 2. Durian D24 (XO) Mostly found at – Johor, Genting, Cameron Highlands, Pahang Also known as Durian Sultan / Bukit Merah 3. Durian D78 (Swettie) Mostly found at – Kuala Lumpur, Penang Famous known as Sweetie 4. Durian […]

Get to Know Your Car Tyre

Do you know that tyre can affect a car stability and handling? A good and suitable tyre can even increase your safety during your driving. Looking at the importance of tyre for the car overall safety and performance, we share with you some info that you should ‘already’ know before you choose to buy or […]