10.10 Year End Deals

Below are the terms and condition for promotion “10.10 Year End Deals” that start on 10 October 2019. This terms also coincide with all WAHDAH User Agreement terms and condition if not otherwise stated. Terms & Conditions : To be eligible for the up to 30% discount offer, you must make a booking at our website (deals page). […]

Japanese bring the car-sharing services to a whole new level!

We can say that car-sharing segment is a relatively new phenomenon, a growing business with a bright prospect in Malaysia. Although Malaysia has third-highest rate of car ownership in the world with 93% household in Malaysia owning a car, it never hindered locals & foreign companies from investing and continue promoting the car-sharing service.  While […]

Top 10 Must Try Durians in 2019

1. Durian D2 (Dato Nina) Mostly found at – Tapah, Perak, Melaka Famous known as Dato Nina 2. Durian D24 (XO) Mostly found at – Johor, Genting, Cameron Highlands, Pahang Also known as Durian Sultan / Bukit Merah 3. Durian D78 (Swettie) Mostly found at – Kuala Lumpur, Penang Famous known as Sweetie 4. Durian […]

Get to Know Your Car Tyre

Do you know that tyre can affect a car stability and handling? A good and suitable tyre can even increase your safety during your driving. Looking at the importance of tyre for the car overall safety and performance, we share with you some info that you should ‘already’ know before you choose to buy or […]

How to Avoid Getting an Impaired Recon Car from Japan

For people that prefer exotic and luxury cars especially from japan, they usually know what is recon vehicle. In Malaysia, only recon vehicle from Japan and UK was allowed in the country. But many people prefer Japan for luxury and comfort because of their affordable price, quality and spare parts for maintenance were easier to […]