More than a million Singaporean tourists visit Malaysia

Selangor : Singapore has become the largest contributor to the influx of foreign tourists into the country. More than 1 million of its citizens travelled to Malaysia on April 1, when border gates were opened to the tourism sector. The latest figure is expected to surpass 1 million tourists. The surge is a factor in […]

MHflypass ASEAN – One pass, three return trips across ASEAN. Priced Between RM1,499 To RM2,699

Hello Travelers! Malaysia Airlines Bhd is offering MHflypass Asean, a fixed-rate pass that allows multiple trips to exciting destinations all year round across the Asean region. The pass is currently available at an introductory rate of RM1,299 and allows passengers to fly to 12 cities within Asean through Malaysia Airlines’ extensive network. Each pass comes […]

How To Book With WAHDAH

Booking with WAHDAH is so easy because everything is at your fingertips. Let us walk you through step by step to book with WAHDAH on your next trip! Step 1: Select your pick-up location, pick-up date, and return time. Click “SEARCH”. Step 2: You will see a list of available cars with their specifications and […]

COVID-19 does not choose, anyone can be infected.

The infection is transmitted through direct contact with respiratory droplets (through coughing and sneezing) from an infected person and touching surfaces contaminated with the virus. The virus may survive on surfaces for several hours, but simple disinfectants can kill it. How can we prevent infection and stay safe? Wash your hands frequently Soap and water […]

Shift Lock, What & How to Use It

What is ‘Shift Lock’? When and How to Use it? For automatic transmission car drives, you should notice the shift lock button located next to the gear knob. What exactly does it do? When to use it? And how to use it? The shift lock button is a safety developed by automotive engineer after numerous […]

9 Tips Driving in The Rain

Driving in the rain? Focus more, less speed! Raining season in the Peninsular Malaysia now, especially in the East Coast Region. Here some tips for you when driving in wet weather. • Avoid driving at high speed – it takes longer to stop or adjust in wet weather. • If you are going through a […]

Get to Know Your Car Tyre

Do you know that tyre can affect a car stability and handling? A good and suitable tyre can even increase your safety during your driving. Looking at the importance of tyre for the car overall safety and performance, we share with you some info that you should ‘already’ know before you choose to buy or […]