5 Common Causes of Road Accidents in Malaysia

5 Common Causes of Road Accident in Malaysia

Generally, road accidents can happen in any part of the globe. The reason and cause may not be the same based on where it happened. Why? Because different places have different type of problems and factors. Let’s take a look at some common causes of road accidents in Malaysia.


1. Transportation

“Different modes of transport pose different risks. Accidents are bound to happen no matter how you travel – whether on foot, a bicycle, motorcycle, in a car, bus or even an airplane. The key word here is “momentum”, which takes into account the mass of a vehicle and its velocity.


2. Road Constraints

There are just too many constructions going on and even the designs of urban infrastructure can be considered as obstructions and contribute to accidents. Certain roads leading to difficult places are not smooth or straight – and the situation is compounded by sharp corners or edges – there is a need to travel at safe speeds.


3. Distracted driving

  • Hands-free phone while driving may also cause mental distraction.
  • Simple gestures and innocent actions such as eating, chatting with the rest of your passengers and smoking can lead to road mishaps.
  • Looking or staring at interesting imageries can cause one to lose focus.
  • Listening to music can also cause one to crash. But others may argue that if a vehicle cabin is too silent, there is a high chance of falling asleep behind the wheel.


4. Driver behaviour, attitude and human error

  • Misuse the signal lights before taking corner.
  • Turning on the hazard light at inappropriate times.
  • Making turns without signalling left or right can be very risky.
  • In 2014, there were about 65,883 accident cases on Malaysian roads involving car drivers and motorcyclists, based on statistics revealed by the Bukit Aman Traffic Unit. This was at least 5.4 percent higher than the 62,519 cases recorded in 2013.


5. Convoys and Illegal racing

Bike convoys, especially, are more prone towards crashes. Some highways and roads are not built or designed for motorcycles.  So always practice precaution and travel as safe as possible.


Credit to http://www.motorme.my & piktochart.com


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4 Pro Tips for Long Distance Driving

When driving in long distance, we tend to be tired and lose our focus along the way. We hope with below tips can help us to avoid any misfortune happen on road.


1. Share the Road & Drive Around Big Vehicle Safely

When driving across the country, you share the road with many different types of vehicles. It’s important to know how to safely navigate around all of them, especially large trucks. The maximum gross vehicle weight for a commercial vehicle is 80,000 pounds, so when you’re driving around one of these in your passenger vehicle, there are some behaviours you should consider integrating to safely share the road with them.


2. Plan Ahead

No matter how safe you play it on the road, it’s smart to plan ahead and be prepared for the unexpected. The last thing you want is to find yourself stranded on the side of the highway, unprepared. Depending on the places you’re driving and the weather conditions you may encounter, there are a lot of different safety kits that you can buy to keep in your car.


3. Take Breaks

Frequent breaks from the car allow a driver to stretch and move, which can also help to avoid fatigue on the road. As a driver, you never want to get into a zone where you’re experiencing aches from sitting in the same seat for 500 miles. It’s very important to take breaks, walk around, and do your exercises outside to help stay alert.


4. Stay Focused

Depending on where you’re driving, you may encounter repetitive scenery like long stretches of flat roads or endless fields. In those instances, it’s important for your mind to stay focused and not wander.


Adakah Anda Tahu?

Hari Raya yang bakal menjelang tiba ini tidak dinafikan sinonim dengan perancangan kita untuk pulang ke kampung halaman. Tidak mengira ke Utara, Selatan mahupun Pantai Timur, walaupun jauh, walaupun akan menempuh kesesakan lalu lintas, setiap tahun kita pasti gagah kan jua memandu untuk pulang ke kampung halaman.

Saban hari jumlah pengguna lebuh raya semakin meningkat maka semakin meningkat la risiko memandu di Lebuh Raya. Ini dapat disaksikan dengan keadaan lebuh raya yang sentiasa dinaik taraf dan ditambah lorong namun kenderaan tetap memenuhi jalan.

Hasil dari kajian dan pemerhatian pengendali konsesi sepanjang tempoh cuti perayaan lalu menunjukkan kecenderungan lalulintas terkini di lebuh raya. Pada musim perayaan Aidilfitri lalu, jumlah kenderaan yang menghala ke pantai timur adalah lebih banyak berbanding ke utara dan selatan tanah air.

Jika dibandingkan secara kasar, bagi perjalanan ke Utara sekitar 600 ribu dan perjalanan ke Selatan sekitar 450 ribu kenderaan. Namun jumlah yang jauh lebih besar jika dilihat kepada pengguna Lebuh Raya Pantai Timur (ECE) dan Lebuh Raya Kuala Lumpur – Karak (KLK) iaitu sebanyak 2.4 juta kenderaan yang menghala ke arah Timur. Peningkatan yang hampir 100 peratus jika di bandingkan dengan jumlah pengguna di hari biasa.

Kita sebagai pengguna Lebuh raya harus lah menjadi pemandu yang bertanggungjawab dan selalu memikirkan aspek keselamatan kita dan pengguna lain. Seperti yang selalu diingatkan juga, pandulah berhati-hati dan kurangkan risiko dengan rehat yang mencukupi dan kenderaan yang telah diselenggara dengan baik. Fakta kemampuan manusia menunjukkan bahawa manusia memerlukan rehat setiap 2 jam pemanduan.

WAHDAH.My mengucapkan selamat menjalani ibadah puasa dan juga selamat menyambut hari raya yang bakal tiba tidak lama lagi .Pastikan kenderaan anda tidak kira kenderaan sewa atau persendirian, sentiasa dalam keadaan selamat dipandu hingga ke destinasi.

Walking Alone ?

As a driver, most of us had an experience to walk alone at a parking lot. Sometime we are unable to avoid the situation or some of us usually drive alone. Parking lot is a very dangerous place synonym with quiet and gloomy environment, there are many hidden areas and blind spots.  

Some of the crime that usually taking advantage at the parking lot is kidnapping, snatching and armed robbery. Mostly happen to women as they are more vulnerable when walking alone.

This is mostly happen because some of the parking lot user did not take any precaution whenever they walk alone at the parking lot to avoid being an easy target for crime.

Here some tips from WAHDAH.MY customers out there whenever you need to walk alone, remember…

  1. Walk fast with a purpose

  2. Have your head up and stare at someone if they make you nervous. This is basically say i see you. To signal that you are a fighter and this is not a predator wants. And it also show that you are aware and ready if they try to do anything. And finally you have looked at them so you may recognize them if you need to.

  3. Have your keys out and ready before you walk into the parking lot.

  4. Have your dominant hand open and free of bags.

If you see someone at your car you should return back and ask for an escort. When two people involved, you would not be a target. Finally always be aware and trust your intuition at all times and this tips will keep you safe. Be strong , be empowered and be confident.    

How planning ahead could save fuel?

Fuel cost is a cost that we can’t avoid every day when we are using our own transport to go around and traveling. Most of us is taking it for granted, does not mean we should not think a new way to cut the cost or trying with some method that would cut the cost of fuel usage. 

We all heard before, there is too many way to save fuel and some of the method that we heard is might be just a myth. This is because the effect on the fuel usage maybe too little until we do not notice it. 

So, to make it clear for what we are trying to achieve in cutting the fuel cost is to practice the method that most effective and relevant. Here is the tips that is easily to practice, no skill required, just discipline and determination to make a change. 

1. Plan your Routes

Think ahead your journey, does not matter if it traveling out from town of just regular weekend around the city, always plan ahead so that you would not wasting your fuel for stucking in an avoidable traffic jam, also if you plan ahead you could save fuel by choosing the best route or shopping mall that is nearer to you. This could be done with the help of technology such as waze and google map to get you the best route and keeping you updated in real time for any obstacles and congestion of the traffic. 

2. Drive Properly 

Driving style also will effect on fuel consumption as reckless driving and unnecessary gear changing will get the vehicle to consume more fuel. If your journey is planned, chance that you will be rushing and drive recklessly is lower and you get to save the fuel. 

3. Think Rationally

Renting a car is one of option to educate your self to estimate your fuel cost and your time as well. In fact, it’s not just an avoid the cost of your yearly travel expenses, but it also to avoid of facing your personal liability. All the charges of renting the cars come with fixed invoice, so will make easier for you to plan your budget for traveling. Maintained engine also will help to save the consumption of the fuel. 

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