What is ‘Shift Lock’? When and How to Use it?

For automatic transmission car drives, you should notice the shift lock button located next to the gear knob. What exactly does it do? When to use it? And how to use it?

The shift lock button is a safety developed by automotive engineer after numerous incidents of driver negligence. There are incidents that often occur with the auto owner without shift lock functionality, example:
• Driver panic because the car suddenly does not turn on, while the car turned off in either D or R. The automatic car engine can only be turned on in the N or P position.
• Driver expected the vehicle to turn off in P, but actually in N. When it is turned on, the gear continues to pull down to R, as it wants to pull back, but the car is actually in D and moving forward. The accident happened.

So, the shift lock is designated to address the above incidents involving security issues. Most of the cars now, must be turned off in P before the lock can be removed.

The shift lock works to release your transmission from P. This is because in certain situations you have to put the gear in N, for example your car needs to be towed due to a dead battery. This is where the shift lock is needed.
• Switch off your engine and remove your gear to P
• Pull the key out of ignition
• Press the shift lock button and do not release it
• At the same time, pull the gear knob to N
• Once the gear is in N, you can release the shift lock button.
• Release the hand brake and your car already can be pushed to the side of the road or towed.

You can use this technique if you park the car at double parking as well. However, we don’t encourage you to do that as you will make others angry with you. Highly recommend for you to park the car in the designated parking.