WAHDAH is Recognized by TrustedMalaysia

WAHDAH has garnered recognition and trust from one of Malaysia’s reliable websites, TrustedMalaysia – a reputable review platform that promotes trustworthy businesses across various industries. Being recognized by TrustedMalaysia is a significant achievement for any company, as it reflects the unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. WAHDAH’s recognition by TrustedMalaysia is a testament to […]

WAHDAH Offers Seamless Pick-up and Drop Off Point at Langkawi International Airport

Great news for our valued customers in Langkawi!  WAHDAH now has an designated pick-up point location at Langkawi International Airport that is specifically designed for our customers to enjoy a smooth and seamless car rental experience. Basically, imagine your preferred vehicle is ready and well-prepared in advance. You will easily spot our pick-up point, possibly […]

WAHDAH Langkawi Hub

It is an honor to announce that WAHDAH Langkawi Hub now operates! This hub will cater to the high demand in Langkawi which receives about 28 on-and-off flights per day. Hence, the number of bookings has also increased to more than 100 bookings per month. It will strengthen our presence among the locals in Langkawi […]

Delivering Real Rental Experience in Central Hub

As a start-up, WAHDAH developed in a process of taking high risk in order to penetrate the existing market. By seizing every opportunity and possibilities in creating new demands, WAHDAH desires to become one of the strongest and biggest digital mobility companies in Malaysia and in Southeast East Asia in innovating and generating economies via […]

Malaysia eyes Middle East’s millennial, Gen Z travelers for tourism revival

MALAYSIA: Malaysia is focusing its promotional efforts on millennial and Generation Z travelers from the Middle East, the tourism minister told Arab News, as the country sets out to revive its pandemic-wrecked hospitality sector. The Muslim-majority nation, which markets itself abroad as an ideal holiday destination, with a multi-ethnic culture, lush rainforests and pristine beaches, […]

More than a million Singaporean tourists visit Malaysia

Selangor : Singapore has become the largest contributor to the influx of foreign tourists into the country. More than 1 million of its citizens travelled to Malaysia on April 1, when border gates were opened to the tourism sector. The latest figure is expected to surpass 1 million tourists. The surge is a factor in […]

Singapore – Malaysia Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) Promo

Since VTL between Singapore and Malaysia already been confirmed, we at WAHDAH welcome back our beloved customers from Singapore with 15% OFF special discount! Placement of booking starting from 15 February to 1st March 2022 all available for the offer. Drive around like a local everywhere in Malaysia today! This offer is subject but not […]